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About us

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Trade registered Address of 

Komjatická 73
940 02  Nové Zámky

Identification data

IČO: 31329209
IČO DPH: SK2020297697
DIČ: 2020297697

Bank connection: TATRABANKA

Acount Number: 2628041843/1100
IBAN: SK61 1100 0000 0026 2804 1843

More details: Business register SR


1992 founded company called Bel Ltd. as a company dealing with business analysis and design environment. Company operating located in Bratislava.

1994  opening services at the field testing of agricultural and food products and environmental components located in Nové Zámky.

1995  merged Bel Ltd. based in Bratislava with the Canadian company NOVAMANN International LTD. which is the leader in analytical services in Canada and the part of United States to joint company  Bel/NOVAMANN International Ltd.

1996  Company accreditation for the analysis of environmental, agricultural and food products according to EN 45 001 by SLOVAK NATIONAL ACCREDITATION SERVICE (SNAS) 

Opening company operating located in Piešťany for testing of mineral water.

1998  Certificate of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) issued for the area SNAS stability studies, physico-chemical studies and analytical studies for drugs, pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary use, glass containers for pharmaceutical use, packaging and packing materials come in contact with food, cosmetics, industrial chemicals.

1999  all areas of activity re-accreditation including analytical testing of petroleum products, lubricants and oil based products (Bratislava) and analysis of potable, mineral and table water (Piešťany).
2000  accreditation in the Czech Republic (Czech Institute for Accreditation) as the first testing laboratory for the physico-chemical and microbiological test characteristics and quality parameters of waste, soil, water, petroleum products (fuels and lubricants), fertilizers, chemicals, agricultural and food raw materials and products, durable consumer goods, cosmetics and hygiene products, surfactants and detergents and toys.

2001  personnel certification, personnel certificate according to EN 45 013 gained 15 workers 

all areas of activity CIA re-accreditation under EN ISO / IEC 17 025, still valid.

2002  accreditation for analytical work for certification according to Russian GOST-R standards for the food products valid until 2007 re-accreditation according to ISO / IEC 17 025 and extension activities in the field testing of drugs in accordance with GLP and GMP (SNAS ). 
SIDC authorization as control laboratory for pharmaceutical drugs testing, medicinal and auxiliary substances for human use testing, testing of glass containers for pharmaceutical use, still valid.

2004  Canadian society MAXXAM Analytics (NOVAMANN International successor) retire from company.

2005  SNAS certification according to EN 45 011 as a product certification body, still valid.

2008 build up a branch in the Czech Republic (Panenské Břežany by Prague).
Eurofins ( enter as a strategic partner.
Notification of assessment for traditional products and products under the GI.

2008 purchase of company shares GEL Ltd. (Turčianske Teplice., Slovak Republic) and the company Eurofins CZ, Ltd. (Czech Republic). 
The divestiture of the branch in the CR Society Eurofins CZ, Ltd.
Eurofins Company CZ, Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of BEL/NOVAMANN International Ltd. and ensure all activities in the Czech Republic (

Opening company operating located in Ružomberok (outsourcing and Mondi SCP) for operational control and analysis of the environment.

2009  GMP re-certification, control laboratory for testing and batch inspection.
SIDC authorization as control laboratory to carry out pharmaceutical testing in the microbiological evaluation of medicinal drugs and adjuvant for human use, medical devices, water purification, dialysis and infusion solutions and water for the dilution, glass containers for pharmaceutical use