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Industrial products

Physical-chemical and microbiological analysis

Analysis of industrial products according to current legislation or customer requirements to set their safety or quality:

  • Products for everyday use (pulp, paper, diapers, tissues, candles, etc.)
  • Materials intented to food contact
  • Cosmetic product (e.g. working-out of safety assessment for human health)
  • Chemicals and household cleaners (fabric conditioners, washing powders and liquids; denaturated sipirits, denaturating agents, etc.)
  • Fuels (gasoline, naphtha) according to quality standards; mineral oils; washer liquids
  • produktov celulózovo papierenského priemyslu a výrobkov z dreva a kompozitov na báze dreva

Development and validation according to customer needs and requirements

  • Testing Laboratories are accredited according to EN IS/IEC 17025

Labelling and technical services

  • Working-out, exhamination and translation of labels according to legislation in force
  • Instructions of use
  • Preparation of product technical specifications and their control

Material safety data sheets

  • Working-out, exhamination and translation of MSDS according to legislation in force
  • Consultancy and advisory activities


  • Certification of cosmetic products