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We provide an accredited sampling and transport of samples according to requirements  of EN ISO/IEC 17025 and  testing  the samples in our or external testing laboratories.

We perform sampling of:

  • drinking water, underground water, surface water
  • waste water, water for bathing
  • waste, soil, ground, sludge
  • food, swabs
  • working air, building interior air
  • fuel


Sampling is doing by our own qualified personnel who are trained for this work and expertly vetted by accreditation body. They are regularly and successfully participate in Proficiency testing.

We have special vehicles which are designed and prepared to transport of samples and of course each of them is equipped with a certified refrigerator-freezer unit.In the vehicles´ refrigerator - freezer units there are thermometers that are calibrated. The thermometers monitor the required temperature pattern during the transport of samples.