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Working environment

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In the working environment our company provides the following services:

Objectification of physical factors 

  • measurement and assessment of noise at work environment and in the environment
  • processing of noise maps in the work environment
  • measurement of vibration - the vibration transmitted to the hand, the vibrations transmitted to the whole body
  • measurement of artificial lighting
  • objectification of microclimate conditions in the environment and objectification heat - moisture microclimate and measuring elements of microclimate under current legislation 

Objectification of chemicals, carcinogenic and other factors  

  • objectification of solid aerosols, personal sampling and stationary sampling
  • objectification of chemical factors according to customer requirements (ammonia, formaldehyde, isocyanates, acids, glycols and others upon request)
  • objectification of volatile organic solvents - aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbonsaldehydes, ketones, alcohols, esters, ethers, chlorinated hydrocarbons and others upen required
  • objectification of metals (manganese, chromium, nickel, lead, mercury and others upon request)
  • monitoring of the concentrations of toxic gas and vapors in ambient air (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine and flammable gases - methane )
  • measurement of the ozone concentration
  • objectification of conditions- internal environment buildings

Mesurement of the biological factors

  • monitoring the effectiveness of sterilization equipment by the  bioindicators (sterilizers, hot air sterilizers)
  • swabs from the environment (qualitative, quantitative)
  • microbiological monitoring the effectiveness of disinfection solutions
  • detemination of sedimenting microbes in the air
  • sampling by bioimpactor sampler and microbiological evaluation and parameter (parameters according to the agreement, the total numbers, yeast

Accredited sampling of working environment, counseling, lecturing and consulting activities.