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Food Industry

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  • Own control laboratory tests (microbiological, biological and physico-chemical investigation of the products, input materials, intermediates and finished products) for verification purposes and to demonstrate to health and safety products for the purpose of vetting clearance required quality (composition) product compliance and declared characteristics and properties of products
  • Laboratory tests in the development of new products for developing technical specifications, recipes and company standards
  • Laboratory testing of products under private label business systems, including assistance in preparing and completing the specifications of these products and compilation of declared characters
  • Laboratory tests on the nutritional properties of products, dietary composition of products, determination and calculation of the energy value of products
  • Laboratory services inquiry vs. control samples when the foods control authorities sampling
  • Laboratory tests for slaughter hygiene control in slaughterhouses and control to health and hygiene in the production of meat and minced meat
  • Laboratory services in the control of environmental sanitation facilities, assisted Sampl'air Lite collection for measuring air bio contamination on agar and in control of the cleansing and disinfection using contact plates or dross.
  • Laboratory tests in the control of water use (drinking, rinse, sanitation, mass supply of technology and own sources) in the production process or waste water sanitation and emerging business activities
  • The use of rapid microbiological methods for Real Time PCR to detect the presence of pathogens (Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, Escherichia Coli O157: H7) within 24 hours from sampling to redundancy goods with a short-term consumption and for fast verification of the possible occurrence
  • Sensory analysis operating  according to differend methods developed and validated on the basis of clients requirements
  • Certification of person´s for competence to sensory assess food and feed products