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The Company EUROFINS BEL/NOVAMANN ltd provides services in foods and feeds since 1997. From the beginning, the company sought a comprehensive service in this area. Currently a member of the Eurofins is able to provide our clients range of more than 130,000 analytical methods in all areas of food, feed and associated areas. To ensure your requirements, participates in over 375 offices in 41 countries worldwide.

The Company EUROFINS BEL/NOVAMANN ltd provides its services to businesses in manufacturing, export, import, distribution and sale of food products and feed.

Basic services for the food sector

  • Analytical services - laboratory testing of food, intermediates, raw materials, water (drinking, mineral, medicinal, technological and other), environmental hygiene and other analytical services to business customers.

Supply current analyses on samples of local food and global affairs (dioxins, melamine, banned dyes, migration of elements from packaging materials, etc.).

  • Services of Specialized Sensory Laboratory
  • Certification body operating certification of person´s (certification body for person´s) - certification of person´s for competence to sensory assess food and feed products
  • Certification services - certification of products and cosmetics
  • Auditing services - verification of compliance of food products and spirits processes of production, transportation and marketing as well as audition of public catering.
  • Advisory and consultancy services in food and feed

Additional services for the food sector

  • Sampling and sample collection in the individual laboratories of own rolling stock cold vehicles.
  • Exposure to the test reports, certificates and testimonials in other languages (English, German)
  • Transmission of results in electronic form and if the requirements of comprehensive reports in the form of Excel spreadsheets with a transparent evaluation of control results.
  • Creation of digital images of analyzed samples
  • Storage of samples for analysis or for control purposes (determination) of minimum durability according to customer requirements in cold storage with temperature control and recording.
  • Work done under warranty - participation in the appeals bodies, insurance against damage incurred by the unit

Analytical Services

  • Own control laboratory tests (microbiological, biological and physico-chemical investigations of products (input materials, intermediates and finished products) for verification purposes and to demonstrate to health and safety products for the purpose of vetting clearance required quality (composition) product compliance and declared of characteristics of products.
  • Laboratory tests in the development of new products for developing technical specifications, recipes and company standards
  • Laboratory testing of products under private label business systems, including assistance in preparing and completing the specifications of these products and compilation of declared characters.
  • Laboratory tests on the nutritional properties of products, dietary composition of products, determination and calculation of the energy value of products
  • Laboratory services inquiry vs. control samples when the foods control authorities sampling.
  • Laboratory tests for slaughter hygiene control in slaughterhouses and control to health and hygiene in the production of meat and minced meat.
  • Laboratory services in the control of environmental sanitation facilities, assisted Sampl'air Lite collection for measuring of air bio contamination on agar and in control of the cleansing and disinfection using contact plates or dross.
  • Laboratory tests in the control of water (drinking, rinse, and sanitation, technology of mass supply and own source) in the production process or waste water sanitation and emerging business activities.
  • Use of rapid microbiological methods for Real Time PCR to detect the presence of pathogens (Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, Escherichia Coli O157: H7) within 24 hours from sampling to redundancy goods with a short-term consumption and for fast verification of the possible occurrence.

All analysis is performed in laboratories accredited by SNAS (Slovak National Accreditation Service).

Analysis is performed in accordance with food law and customer requirements in terms of existing legislation for individual control of food and feed (MPSR and MZSR decrees for specific commodities, Mze ČR decrees, the EC regulations, EU directives and other related regulations of the SR, CR and the EU).

In case of the requirements can be products well controlled under the legislation of another EU country

Consulting Services

  • Preparation, review and approval markings and labels of food and non-food products
  • Assessment of the products applying for private label
  • Development, approval and control of labeling, product specification assessment and suggestions for finalization of control characters